Heating/Cooling System Calculation & Design

Your comfort and safety is our buisness

Bow Plumbing & Heating uses the Write Soft computer aided system calculation and design program to select the correct size heating equipment and design the most efficient system for your home.

The computer program we use will help us design any system for you, from a forced hot water system or ducted warm air system to the state of the art Geo-thermal ground source heat pump system. Energy costs being a major factor all systems are designed with efficiency of operation as a primary concern.

To design a heating or cooling system a visit to your home or facility is required as it is necessary to measure the area to be heated or cooled and gather additional information such as insulation factors of walls, windows, doors, ceilings and floors. This can not be done over the phone a site visit must be scheduled to gather this information. In perform the heat loss and/or gain calculations all of these factors must be accounted for or the system can not be properly sized to operate efficiently.

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Heating and Cooling System Installations – Steam, Hot Water & Forced Air

When the system type, calculations and design are complete it is time to make a decision as to which manufacturer has the best product to fit the system requirements.

Every manufacturer’s product that we install has a specific reason for being in our product line. Every system is different. We make our recommendations based on type fuel available, installation location, venting requirements of the site, type of heat distribution system selected by the customer, and the availability of the correct size equipment to maximize operating efficiency.

A system that is not sized and installed correctly will either not provide the comfort you want or be it will be inefficient to operate.

For more information on the equipment lines that we install and service please go to the Heating & Cooling links on our products page.

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Drain Line Cleaning, Tracing & Inspection

Bow Plumbing has the state of the art General Drain cleaning equipment and tools to do the job right the first time.
With our General Drain camera and drain locating equipment we can trace the drain piping under a concrete floor and locate the source and cause of a drain blockage.

We can pinpoint the location and if necessary sawcut the concrete to repair the problem with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

We can trace a drain underground and excavate to repair an underground drain problem
We can locate a septic tank or distribution box when there is no plan of the system
We have the right equipment to do the job right and we don’t give up until the job is complete.


Bow Plumbing has the equipment and operators available to do the job. We own a BOBCAT 325 excavator for the small jobs to work in tight spaces with minimal disturbance to surrounding utilities. We have larger equipment available for those bigger jobs that require extensive trenching down to eighteen feet deep.

Concrete sawcutting and Core Drilling

Bow Plumbing has the equipment to core drill up to a twelve inch hole in a concrete wall or floor. We can saw cut up to a six inch thick concrete floor for installation or repair of under slab drain or water piping. We have both gas and electric powered equipment to do the job safely

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System Control Work – Electrical, Electronic & Pneumatic

The best system in the world is only as good as the control system to operate it properly
Bow Plumbing & Heatying Features the best control systems available

  • Honeywell control systems
  • Tekmar Control systems
  • Taco control systems

Let us put your system on automatic pilot with a new state of the art outdoor reset system we can improve the efficiency of your existing system by as much as 25%. We can add zones to your existing system to improve your comfort and the efficiency of your system. We can install digital programmable thermostats to improve the overall operational efficiency of your system (when your not home why operate your system as if you were home).

Get and keep your system under control SAVE fuel and money.

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Digital Phone & Radio Dispatched Emergency Service

Please call us for more information about this service.

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