Water Heaters – Electric, Gas, Oil & Solar

Bow Plumbing will properly size and select the water heater required by your lifestyle and hot water needs. All calculations, designs and estimates are done free of charge.

Bow Plumbing features the complete line of State Industries gas fired and electric water heaters from the standard State Industries six year warrantee to the State Industries Select 10 year warrantee., From six gallon capacity to 120 gallon capacity, State Industries has the products to cover your needs.
See the state industries link under residential hot water our products page.

We have selected the Super-Stor line of indirect fired water heaters manufactured by Heat Transfer as our premium line with a lifetime tank warrantee and their time tested design this line is the best of the best.
See link under residential hot water on our products page

We also feature Noritz on demand type water heaters. Noritz water heaters have larger capacity and better efficiency rating than most other on demand heaters currently available.

New technology is a great thing but be very careful when selecting an on demand heater. In this geographic region the ambient water temperature is approximately 45 degrees and requires a boost in temperature of at least 85 degrees to provide 130 degree water at the faucets. When you check the graphs of other manufacturer’s pay particular attention to the gpm (gallons per minute) rate as it relates to the temperature rise of 85 degrees that is required.
See the Noritz link on our residential hot water products page

We feature the Bock line of oil fired heaters with Beckett AFG oil burners,Bock has a winning combination. See link on our products page.

We have selected Buderus Ssolar Hot water heating systems to add to our line of products. With the cost of energy rising and the Federal and Local tax incentives and rebates that are available this is an affordable option in most locations. See link on our products page.
See the Buderus link under heating & cooling on our products page

We install all of our water heaters with pressure/temperature safety valves, di-electric unions, new full port ball valves and thermostatic safety mixing valves to protect against scalding. Thermal expansion tanks are installed where required by system piping, local codes or manufacturer’s installation instructions. We also remove and take your old leaker with us when the installation is completed

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