Heating/Cooling System Calculation & Design

Your comfort and safety is our buisness

Bow Plumbing & Heating uses the Write Soft computer aided system calculation and design program to select the correct size heating equipment and design the most efficient system for your home.

The computer program we use will help us design any system for you, from a forced hot water system or ducted warm air system to the state of the art Geo-thermal ground source heat pump system. Energy costs being a major factor all systems are designed with efficiency of operation as a primary concern.

To design a heating or cooling system a visit to your home or facility is required as it is necessary to measure the area to be heated or cooled and gather additional information such as insulation factors of walls, windows, doors, ceilings and floors. This can not be done over the phone a site visit must be scheduled to gather this information. In perform the heat loss and/or gain calculations all of these factors must be accounted for or the system can not be properly sized to operate efficiently.

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