Gas Piping, both Natural & Propane, and Appliances

Bow Plumbing & Heating’s employgas service technicians are all s six fully licensed by the State of NH Fire Marshalls Office and attend classes regularly to keep up to date on the latest in gas technologygas service technicians.

Depending on the conditions and requirements, we will size and install either schedule 40 steel gas piping or or the latest CSST coated stainless steel piping from your existing system or from a new gas meter or regulator.

Bow Plumbing & Heating employee’s are also certified to install SDR11 underground gas piping for pool heaters and outbuildings.

We will install the piping and make the required connection either to an appliance we supply or to one provided by the home owner. ALL ALL of our gas piping installations areis pressure tested and inspected by the local code official.

We work with both natural gas and propane gas.

For information on gas licensing please visit the web and scroll to FUEL GAS FITTER

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