Drainage, Waste & Vent Piping

Along with the water distribution system, the drain waste and vent system in your home is more important and complex than it first appears. Properly sized and installed systems deliver clean pure water and remove the water borne waste from your home to a point of disposal with no moving parts. They protect your family from contaminants and the methane gas (sewer smell) that is a byproduct of bacterial action within the system. They keep your family safe from the diseases that plague most undeveloped nations (cholera, typhoid, polio, meningitis, and hepatitis) to name a few of the more common water borne diseases that plague some undeveloped countries.

Bow Plumbing & Heating employs plumbers that have completed an apprenticeship of four years of class room education and four years of field training to qualify to take the Journeyman’s plumbing test and another six months of field training to qualify to take the Master plumbers test. All of the Plumbers that have passed the tests are also required to attend yearly continuing education classes to renew their license. This apprentice is under the continual direct supervision of a licensed Master plumber and the company owner Robert W. Ives. All of this is to insure the safety and comfort of our customers. With a combined experience of 100 plus years we have the knowledge to keep your family safe.

Bow Plumbing constructs drain waste and vent systems with the following materials depending on the job conditions and requirements

Charlotte SCH 40 PVC solvent weld drainage waste and vent pipe and fittings
Charlotte NO-HUB cast iron gasketed drainage waste and vent pipe and fittings
IPEX SDR-35 underground gasketed sewer and drain pipe and fittings
Copper type “L” soldered drainage waste and vent pipe and fittings
Except for those systems sized by a mechanical engineer, most systems are field designed and installed by our experienced Master Plumbing Technicians

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